Balancing Services Agreement

“The agreement with TuuliWatti is entirely in line with Vattenfall`s desire to become a leading provider of renewable energy services for corporate customers in Europe. This agreement is perfectly within the scope of our existing portfolio and is an important step for Vattenfall to enter the Finnish energy services market,” says Johan Hagsten, Director of Nordic Origin at Business Area Markets at Vattenfall. We provide services to balance supply and demand and ensure the safety and quality of electricity supply across the UK transmission system. On the balancing data pages, you`ll find data on clearing services and related instructions, such as the monthly summary of clearing services (MBSS). In accordance with the balance sheet agreement, the conditions for the provision of balance sheet services under the balance sheet agreement are binding on all those responsible. The conditions include provisions for the following aspects of cooperation: “Vattenfall has offered the most cost-effective solution to address our risk of imbalance in wind production. The agreement also includes a new “Ii Viinamaki” wind farm, which was the first wind investment not delivered in Finland, explains Tuomas Candelin-Palmqvist, director of TuuliWatti. The system`s re-entering power currents affect voltage levels. Find out what services we use to manage this. A complete list of accounting services and related areas can be find on the list of all balancing services.

The remaining contract is with an electricity supplier who wishes to obtain the compensation service from the transmission system manager and who becomes a balance manager. The residual contract contract is concluded prior to the provision of balancing services to an electricity supplier. The agreement contains provisions for the following aspects of cooperation: Vattenfall and tuuliWatti, Finland`s largest wind energy producer, have signed a five-year energy service contract covering all of TuuliWatti`s wind energy production in Finland.